• Patrick Verhulst

About Patrick Verhulst

Photographer Patrick Verhulst grew up on a beautiful Dutch Island. Being surrounded by all of natures wonders, the dunes, the forest, the beaches and the fresh sea air, he was always fascinated about how nature was so great and powerful. Life was pure and intense, but feeling restless and imagining how life abroad would be. He went off searching for new places and experiences abroad. With a big contrast to his own early life perspective, he ended up living in one of the busiest streets of Amsterdam.

About his work

Verhulst always tries to experience as well as capture in his work the uniqueness of the subject, it's place and the moment that it exists in. He directs the perspective and the moment, giving the subject a free hand. In this way he makes sure that the subject is in a natural state. He furthermore creates tension between the subject and its surrounding through contrast. Due to our dynamic lives we often overlook these moments. By immortalizing this it gives an overwhelming sense of feeling extremely alive. With that, Verhulst invites people to see and feel beyond the image itself.


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